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For me, home has always been a feeling, not a place. But a place we've seen come together from the ground up is almost ready for us to call home for more than just one year! And oh, let me tell you, I am ready for that change in moving pace!

This time two weeks ago the hubby & I were packing up the last box at our condo north of Seattle, and two weeks from today we'll be unpacking it at our house south of the city.

Living in the "in-between" has been a time of wild anticipation and feeling grateful for the here & now, even if it means being technically homeless ;) but not really, because so many people we love have opened their homes to us!

These days I'm thankful for fur babies that travel well and a car that can carry my office! Storage living has been one of simplicity and challenges, here are just a few tips I've learned along the way:

1. Say yes to those cute bins at TJ Maxx to crate your home office supplies in and out of the day's work space. They'll create order out of potential chaos!

2. Believe your husband when he says not to pack something...sometimes he knows you better than you do ;) Even if you hardly use that curling iron, don't make it completely inaccessible, because you'll opt for another trip to Sephora before diving head first into that sea of boxes!

3. Make plans to not make plans. Until recently, I scheduled out my days off as if they were work days -but these past couple weeks of more simple living have had me want to take each day and its opportunities as they come. Impromptu trips to the ocean > clinging to my planner!

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