February 3, 2016

Sister, Bridesmaid, Photographer | Life of Something Minted

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photographer Something Minted

I had yet to shoot a wedding in flannel or a ballgown...and now I can say I've done both (in heels!) My little sister's wedding brought the opportunity to stand by her side as a bridesmaid and as a photographer, something I'd only done once before.

Sharing what I love most with those I love most is a joy unparalleled. Seeing the affection in this groom's eyes from much closer than I'd be during any given ceremony made my heart race right along with this sweet bride's. Here are a few behind the scenes moments from Chandler and Bobby's Thornewood Castle wedding:

Something Minted Photography

As the oldest sister, (who may have thought this baby was mine when she was first born!) my mama let me pick out Chandler's middle name. At the time I was crazy about Beauty and the Beast, so Belle it was. How amazing is it that she chose to be married in a castle?

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