July 20, 2015

The First Time I Was A Bridesmaid AND a Photographer

When my sister-in-law handed me a coffee cup with the name "maid of honor?" and asked in a way she knew would speak to my love language, I was equal parts thrilled and full of anticipation for the coming question:

Would I still feel balanced photographing it? She said she wanted the day to be remembered & told in the Something Minted style (hello, greatest compliment ever!) but was open to referrals, too! With a year to create a system, the search was on for a photography team that could step into my shoes when it came time to be on the other side of the camera and wholeheartedly be a MOH. By actually writing out my workflow (thank you, HoneyBook!) to creating a procedure manual, the team came together.

I thought I'd have the urge to get up and photograph everything, but once we readied ourselves for the ceremony, my heart was so full that I wanted nothing more than to take in each moment as it unfolded. I love how this day gave me a new perspective!

It's not about how many great shots you walk away with from a wedding, it's about capturing the feeling of it all. Seeing the love fill this bride and her groom's eyes from a distance much closer than I'd be on any given wedding day made me feel more than I had from behind a lens. Celebrating weddings is an amazing thing, and offering light-filled reminders of love (photographs!) is a whole other level of amazing for me!

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