July 20, 2015

That First Time I Was A Bridesmaid and a Photographer

When my sister-in-law handed me a coffee cup asking to be her maid of honor in the way she knew would speak to my heart just over one year ago, I was thrilled for it!

Her very next question was if I would be able to photograph it too. She said she wanted the day to be remembered & told in the Something Minted way. With that, the search was on for a photography team that could step into my shoes when it came time to be on the other side of the camera and simply be by her side. By actually writing out my workflow (thank you, Trello!) to creating a hiring system, the team came together.

I thought I'd have the urge to get up and photograph everything, but once we readied ourselves for the ceremony, my heart was so full that I wanted nothing more than to take in each moment as it unfolded. I love how this day gave me a new perspective!

It's not about how many great shots you walk away with from a wedding, it's about capturing the feeling of it all. Seeing the love fill this bride and her groom's eyes from a distance much closer than I'd be on any given wedding day made me feel more than I had from behind a lens. I love weddings, and photographing them makes my heart so happy. When a couple asks me to do so, they're inviting me to share in the start to their family. Being apart of this beginning is an amazing thing!

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