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So far the month of May has brought many adventures, precious moments with family, and time.

Time for settling into our new home just outside of Seattle, time for putting finishing touches on my personal & business life, time to dive into some pretty amazing reads, (growing my business muscles!) and time for curating content.

With the start to a busy and what I know will be beautiful PNW wedding season right around the corner, I wanted to find a way to link both inspiring notions and my wedding work. Since Instagram is my jam, I decided to create a hashtag that past, present & future Something Minted Photography brides could use to connect.

My hope and dream for this hashtag is to grow a sense of community among my brides, those building "someday" Pinterest boards, and other industry professionals. I truly feel that I'm in the business of connecting with people, and I hope #mintedbride will help me in doing just that :)

With this, I want to encourage brides, friends and colleagues to share your moments with me, whether it be a behind the scenes shot, a glance at my welcome packet or lovely things that come to you in the mail, and of course your photographs. In doing so we can share not only this brand, but this community of embodying inspiration and encouragement in everything we do.

I believe every wedding deserves something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue & stunning wedding photography minted uniquely to you; I also believe in more than just one day. My mission is to bring the beauty of a big day to your everyday. Helping you feel all the love that surrounds you.

Cheers to the #mintedbride and my attempt at hand lettering too!

Creating Community Over Competition

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