April 22, 2015

Tips for A Cross Country Move | Life of Something Minted

After a week of living out of suitcases, today we're moving into our new home just north of Seattle! My husband and I spent the winter in Georgia, and although it was the best time to travel together, we're ready to be back home :)

Since the cross-country move there and back, I'm sharing my favorite tips:

1. Get creative with the things you're ready to donate as most of them work wonders for insulating glassware! Maybe it's the clothes you no longer wear, or placemats you have yet to actually use.
2. Keep inventory of everything, especially if you hire movers.
3. Take turns driving each day. This creates an opportunity to get out and stretch and take in the views!
4. If traveling with pets, try to feed them in the evening so that you'll have less potty stops during the day.
5. Log all those miles using MileIQ -my new favorite app for personal and business use!

With all the views to take in, sometimes the best is right behind you :)

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