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The past week we've been living out of suitcases and today we are beginning to settle into our new home. If you're new to following my journey in life and business than I'll happily fill you in :) My husband and I spent the winter over in Ft. Benning, Georgia, as he completed further Army National Guard training. We've had the incredible opportunity of traveling the south during our time there, but will always call close to Seattle home. Since living in the south I've gained a new respect for collard greens, the lack of bugs in the PNW and sweet tea too :)

We've all heard the phrase "practice makes perfect." Although this rings true for holding engagement sessions before wedding photography, I wholeheartedly believe it does not pertain to moving. Every move we've made has brought it's own challenges, and yes, many delights too. And although there's no perfect plan for a cross-country move, I do have a few tips before setting off on your next journey.

1. Embrace letting go. Maybe it's those clothes you just don't wear, or placemats you have yet to actually use...except for wrapping glassware in to pack!
2. Keep an inventory, especially if you hire movers. Aside from tallying boxes, actually write out their contents. This way if a box goes missing you'll know what you may need to replace from it.
3. Take turns driving every day. Although my sweet hubby took the wheel more often than I, we were sure to trade off every few hours. This created an opportunity to get out of the car to stretch our legs and get some fresh air too!
4. If traveling with pets, try to feed them in the evening so that you'll have less potty stops during the day ;)
5. Don't hesitate to stop and take in the sights, even if you are on a tight schedule. Allow yourself the joy of taking in a setting you may not experience all too often. Celebrate the little things!

   Like a desert wildflower in Arizona's Coconino National Forest
   Or a field in California wine country

   Perhaps the best view of all is right behind you :)

I have just discovered an AMAZING way to keep track of all those miles traveled, whether they're for personal or business purposes! Meet MileIQ -my new favorite app! This baby has freed me from my mileage log book which I struggled to remember to fill out between trips...the app now does it all for me :) If you're a photographer, you know mileage can be a great tax write off and recording it all can be, well, a frustration. Cheers to being more efficient!

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