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With my last blog post being about tips for finding your dream dress, I couldn't help but think about what too often comes with that longing and others, comparison. You fell in love with the dress on an all too-perfect, more than likely photoshopped model in your favorite bridal magazine and once you dawn it, it looks, well...different. I want you to ditch the image of the model wearing the dress and take in what you see in the mirror as your first impression. I want you to know one dress does not define beauty, but the uniquely wonderful person wearing it does. I want you to know that you will wear it in the most lovely of ways and once you acknowledge that yourself, others will.

Comparison is something we all face, whether as a bride, mama, or even wedding photographer. In a world of seemingly perfect Instagram lives where success is measured through fame & materialism rather than love, we mustn't loose sight of what's truly important and guard our hearts.

My challenge to you is to free yourself of your comparison causers! Whether it's "un-following" people that make you feel that you aren't good enough, or simply taking a break from your newsfeed to focus on your own work, style & growth, you have to take action for this change. Just as you set goals, start setting boundaries!

My hope is that you fall back in love with yourself and your incredible abilities.

On a last note, I want to encourage you to join other soul-boosting people to cheer them along in their journeys. Create community rather than competition. Then the only comparison you will have is between a you and a younger version of yourself.

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  1. Love this!!! Thank you for the much needed reminder :)