March 31, 2015

How To Find Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress (?)
Color Palette 
First Dance Song 

Once your venue and photographer have been secured, finding the dress is often the next big to-do! It's something you dreamed of as a little girl and now more than likely have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to ;)

Where to start: Find your fabric. When you picture your wedding day, do you envision yourself in a classic lace dress or something flowy and simplistic?

Next up: Choose a neckline & silhouette. Are you a sweetheart & strapless girl or envisioning an illusion neckline and plunging back?

Come prepared: If you already have your wedding shoes, bring them along to see if the height should be altered, too! And have your go-to gal practice the bustle.

Dress up: Relax and have fun with it! Take it one dress at a time and trust your instincts! As a bride I loved the second dress I ever tried on but felt like I needed to give a couple of others a chance which allowed a feeling of overwhelm start to sink in. In the end, I went back to that second dress!

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