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Once your venue and photographer have been carefully selected & secured, finding a dress is the next big to-do! It's something you may have dreamed of as a little girl and now more than likely have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to ;) A good dress reflects your personal style and makes you feel like the belle of the ball. This is a truly exciting and at times, overwhelming, detail but with the right help your search can be a joy!

Where to start: Find your fabric. When you picture your wedding day, do you envision yourself in a delicate lace dress or a ruffled chiffon gown?

Next up: Choose a neckline & silhouette. Are you a sweetheart & strapless girl or envisioning a capped sleeve with an illusion neckline and plunging back?

Come prepared: If you already have your wedding shoes picked out be sure to bring them along! And if you don't, do bring shoes with a similar height as what you plan to wear on the big day -this will let you see how the dress falls at your heels if it's floor length!

Dress up time: Relax and have fun with it! Take it one dress at a time and trust your instincts! As a bride I loved the second dress I ever tried on but felt like I needed to give a couple of others a chance, so I did but ended up choosing that very dress.

Final notes: Have your day of go-to gal (whether that's your MOH or a family member) practice tying the bustle. More often than not someone is helping the bride with her bustle who has never done it before. Another to-do is the dance test! Not only will it bring some fun to your dress fitting, but it will give you a true sense of how easy it is to move around in it. Your wedding day will be one of the biggest celebrations of your life, and if you like to get low on the dance floor be sure that your dress can join you there ;)

Okay, one more last thing to remember. You are beautiful, absolutely so my dear, don't let anyone or any dress make you feel otherwise.

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