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From cascading bouquets to simplistic stems with eucalyptus and all the in-betweens, there are more than enough ideas to overwhelm a bride when it comes to choosing floral arrangements and the perfect palette! So how is a girl supposed to choose what's best for her and her big day?! Here are a few key tips that will make you thank yourself a bunch for reading on:

1. Style First and foremost, decide what look you're aiming for. If you're getting married in a farm house or a field, whimsical and more natural bouquets + centerpieces are fitting. Now if you're getting married at a historic hotel or manor house, something more tightly bound and traditional might be in order.

2. Season Before you get your heart set on a specific flower, be sure to check when it's in season! It's a challenge to find peonies in October, knowing what's blooming close to your wedding date will save you floral heartache!

3. Color If you've set wedding colors, incorporate those into your arrangements! Color in flowers will help set the tone for any wedding palette. Going for an organic look? Choose lots of greens and fresh color! How about romantic charm? Look for more creamy hues!

4. Location Now that you know what you're looking for, where do you go to find it all? The obvious answer would be a florist! But if you're more of a DIY bride, then a local farmers market or u-pick field can be your go-to!

Kelley Farm Wedding by Bonney Lake Photographer Something Minted

Kelley Farm Wedding Photography Details by Something Minted

Kelley Farm Wedding by Something Minted Photography
Kiana Lodge Wedding Photography, Bridal Bouquet photographed by Something Minted

Seabrook Wedding Photography by Something Minted
Paper Wedding Flowers
Another idea altogether, go flowerless and opt for paper peonies like these!

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