May 17, 2017

4 Tips to Picking the Perfect Floral Palette | Seattle Wedding Photographer | Something Minted

From bouquets cascading in vines and silk ribbon to simplistic stems and all the in-betweens, there are more than enough ways to bring together florals for a wedding day! So where are we to begin to discover what fits your vision? Here are a few tips to help gather inspiration:

1. Style First and foremost, choose a florist that can create something that represents you and the place you make your venue. If you're getting married in a farm house or field, whimsical and foraged finds are fitting. And if you're getting married at a historic site or manor house, something more tightly bound and traditional may be better.

2. Season Before you get your heart set on a specific flower, be sure to check when it's in season. It's a challenge to find peonies in October, knowing what's blooming close to your wedding date will save you floral heartache!

3. Color If you've created a wedding palette, incorporate those hues into your arrangements! Color in flowers allow us to bring that feel into any photograph, regardless the backdrop! Going for an organic look? Choose lots of greens and garden-inspired color! More of an air of romance? Opt for creamy tones!

4. Location Now that you know what you're looking for, begin noticing where you see those textures and colors in nature. Follow your intuition and let the legacy surrounding this life you're building together be told. Like adding adding fresh peaches to your centerpiece to symbolize the farm you grew up on or heirloom glassware from great grandma to your place setting.

Kelley Farm Wedding by Bonney Lake Photographer Something Minted

Kelley Farm Wedding Photography by Something Minted

Kiana Lodge Wedding Photography, Bridal Bouquet Photographed by Something Minted

Leavenworth Fall Wedding by Something Minted Photography
Leavenworth Fall Wedding by Something Minted Photography

Romantic Fall Farm Wedding Photography by Something Minted
Romantic Fall Wedding Photography by Something Minted Photography

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