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You may have seen signs at weddings encouraging guests to break out or power down their iPads, cell phones, & personal cameras, so what's a bride to do in this tech savvy age? Solution: the best of both! Consider an unplugged ceremony and offering a hashtag to use during your reception -who doesn't want an image beside the beautiful bride!?

But when it comes to the "I do's" you'll want your guests to laugh, brush away happy tears and applaud rather than click & post. I believe you and your guests should have the ability to snap some photos of your own when the time is right, however I do have some advice to help avoid Aunt Bessy & Uncle John from standing in front of the photographer to get the perfect shot on their cell phones.

First, Tell your guests ahead of time! You can make a note on your wedding website & in your wedding program inviting them to truly be present at your ceremony, and requesting all devices be turned off until after the first dance. You can also reassure guests that you & your photographer will share all professional photos taken of the day!

Second, Place a subtle reminder just in front of the ceremony hall or venue location. Here's one a bride featured at a recent wedding that I just loved!

Third, Consider an electronic coat check. If you give your guests advance notice of this it may be remove the temptation to check their text messages or snap selfies as they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Fourth, All eyes, not devices, on the bride as she makes her entrance. You'll want to see your smile, not your LCD screen.

Fifth, When you do choose to allow guest photography, feel free to share your personal #hashtag! That way you can see all the images your guests captured on their devices in one place!

Lastly, Let the good times & memories roll!

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