Weddings, Wine & Love Letters | DIY Wedding Inspiration

This new ceremony tradition is having the best man hold onto more than just the rings, but a hammer & nails! Couples are sealing their vows along with a bottle of wine and secret love letters to each other to be shared on an anniversary.

How it works: prior to the wedding you create a wooden wine box, (check out this amazing bridal DIY blog for a box blueprint by Something Turquoise!) choose your favorite bottle of wine, then write love notes to each other sharing your hopes & dreams on the eve of your wedding day. Once the big day has arrived, it's time to take turns hammering your box shut during the ceremony as your officiant explains the significance and reasoning! I've heard of couples breaking their box open after one year, or ten. I say open it whenever your heart desires :)

I can think of nothing better than love letters and a good bottle of why not incorporate the two into your wedding ceremony!? This is for all my Pinot, Chardonnay & Malbec loving brides out there! Cheers!

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