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Whether you hear it called a "first look" "first meet" or the "big reveal," couples are seeing each other prior to their ceremonies and absolutely loving it!

As a photographer, (and a bride who saw her groom before the ceremony) I believe there's something special about taking time to have the future Mr. & Mrs. photographed together before saying "we do." Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It becomes anticipated & exciting! And it feels good to show of your bridal look when it's most fresh :)

2. It may be the only truly alone time you spend with your love on the big day. Guests have yet to arrive, therefore your attention is just on each other, allowing you to truly revel in the moment.

3. It means the photographer won't have to whisk you away from your reception! I like to also schedule bridal party and family formal photography directly following a "first look" so you'll have more time to spend with your family + friends during the party to bust out that signature dance move!

4. Seeing the love of your life before you tie the knot may take away some of those nervous butterflies! Who wouldn't want to feel more relaxed & confident to walk down that aisle?!

5. Your wedding is just that -yours. Whether you choose to hold a "first look" or not, there is no right or wrong way to do it. What matters most is that you are happy and comfortable with how you and your photographer plan to capture the first time you lay eyes on the person you're about to marry.

First Meet between Bride and Groom

First Look

Pre Ceremony Wedding Photography

First kiss on a wedding day

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