The Sparkler Exit | How-to from Your Photographer

Looking for a fun and memorable way to send-off a bride and groom? Then say yes to sparklers for a blissfully bright exit! You may have seen other brides incorporate this in their weddings and thought there was nothing to it, but there are a few key planning details to know before the festivities begin!

Step One: Be sure to check with your venue about any regulations as well as the city code on fireworks as to how far you need to be from a building to light up the night!

Step Two: Get your photographer in on it! Be sure to include this on your wedding day timeline so you can ensure coverage of your celebratory send-off :)

Step Three: Tell your guests in advance! You can create a sign that doubles as wedding decor asking guests to join you or have your DJ make an announcement as the cake is being served!

Step Four: Appoint members of your bridal party or family as sparkler coordinators. Sparklers can be lit with matches or pillar candles. It's also important to tell your guests where they can dispose their sparklers afterward. Rather than heading for the garbage can, you can use a decorative pot or if your wedding is at a more rustic venue, use an old butter or milk churn. Just be sure it's partially filled with sand to put out any last sparks!

Step Five: Have fun with it! Take your time walking -or dancing :) through the crowd & don't hesitate to pause for hugs and kisses and high fives too!
There are many ways to use sparklers to create messages or celebrate the date! The image above was planned by the bridal party and myself, the photographer, as a surprise for the newlyweds :) Cheers!

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